Corporate Social Investment

KZN Slots contributed to 10 provincial beneficiaries contributing towards health, education and community development in KwaZulu-Natal.


Robin Hood Foundation

Contributed R95 000

The Robin Hood foundation started informally in May 2005 and grew exponentially due to the needs of the community and in 2007 was registered as an NPO. The Foundation has 4 major projects, namely: - Gogo Bags; Love the Babies; Bless a Granny & Grandpa and Hope Breakfast (Child Headed Household). Each project is done under the Child Headed Household banner and is specifically aimed at orphaned and vulnerable cases and assistance of the Community Liaison is necessary. KZN Slots took this a step further and has funded 10 scholars for the duration of the last three academic years, ensuring that not only do they have their school uniform and stationery needs met but that their home has the basic food needs met as well.

“It is always fantastic to catch up with the children and your team at our quarterly interactive that these children definitely don’t get to experience every day and seeing how the children are growing and in fact thriving with the love, accountability and blessings shared by your generous support. After a very special day, each child was safely taken home by the team from Lungisani with their brand new school uniforms, new stationery, brand new school bag, school shoes as well as a big Gogo bag filled with food, toiletries and a brand new blanket, lunch box, etc.  Thank you for your valued support, watching these children connect with your team and grow and thrive over the past year is just wonderful to know the impact you are making on their lives!” – Kim Griffith Jones, Co-ordinator - Robin Hood Foundation.

BBBEE - 100% of Black Beneficiaries.

Khula Education

Contributed R71 230

KHULA Education, situated in the heart of rural uMzinyathi District, KwaZulu-Natal, is a non-profit, educational initiative of The David Rattray Foundation. Programmes are designed to give children the chance to lift themselves out of their extremely disadvantaged backgrounds by improving and supporting their education and development, not just sufficiently to pass a set of exams, but also to effectively prepare them for adult life. We assisted by sponsoring the Inter-school Math quiz and Think Tank Debating programmes for the 2019 academic year.

“Through your support we have been able to invite more schools to participate in these events this year, enabling 298 youth from primary and secondary schools to grow their knowledge of Maths and English.  These children from deep, rural communities in uMzinyathi District, where there are few opportunities for programmes of this nature. We are so grateful that, through your support, we can continue to offer these innovative activities to local children to equip and inspire them to reach their full potential and make a difference in their families and communities”.  – Debbie Heustice, Director: Strategy & Partnerships – Khula Education.

BBBEE – 100% of Black Beneficiaries.

Operation Bobbi Bear

Contributed R120 000

A Human Rights Organisation committed "to rescue, represent and reintegrate raped and sexually abused children, to minimize their risk of HIV/AIDS, and to help them towards wholeness". Bobbi Bear Programmes – Bobbi Bear Rescue Centre; Schools Outreach; Support Groups; Child Safety Officers; Illovo Tree Clinic; Honour Programme. We assisted the Organisation by sponsoring a large fridge and freezer; washing machine and dryer, as well as assisting with a monthly purchase of groceries for the duration of 2019.

“Thank you for standing by us to help relieve the stress and anxiety about where our next meal or source of income will come from so that we can rather focus our time and efforts on the children who have suffered the worst imaginable pain and whose faith in us as adults have all but completely been diminished through the severe neglect and abuse they have been exposed to by the very people they should be able to trust”.  – Eureka Olivier, Director -Bobbi Bear.

BBBEE – 96% of Black Beneficiaries

Khanya Hospice

Contributed R30 000

This Hospice attends to the palliative care of terminally ill patients in the rural and semi-rural areas of the Upper South Coast region. Staff work on an outreach basis attending to patients at their homes. We assisted with the purchase of two wheelchairs; medical supplies; suction machines and adult nappies.

“A BIG “Thank You” to the Management and Staff – and your Corporate Social Investment Company for your wonderful donation to Khanya Hospice. Believe me, this will go a long way and we will be able to help many patients that are on our Home-based care program”. – Neil McDonald, CEO – Khanya Hospice.

BBBEE – 97% of Black Beneficiaries.

Sparks Estate Cheshire Home

Contributed  R70 000

The Home was established in 1979 providing residential care for residents of all communities in the KwaZulu-Natal region and currently houses 41 residents. Most residents come from rural and previously disadvantaged communities. Due to the severity of the disability of the residents, full-time care is a necessary warranting a staff of 27 to adequately meet the needs of the residents. The Home endeavours to prevent the further deterioration of the physical condition of the residents, whilst providing a comfortable living environment and a high standard of care. We assisted with the purchase of twenty wheelchairs; suction machines; adult nappies and a washing machine.

“We thank you most sincerely for your loyal support and donation… your assistance has surely positively impacted our budget. Thank your interest and concern for our special children”. – Roger Gangadoo, Manager – Sparks Estate Cheshire Home.

BBBEE – 98% of Black Beneficiaries.

The Open Door

Contributed R50 000

Open Door is a one-stop trauma and crisis centre. They work with abused women, vulnerable children and families focusing both on prevention (eg. training and awareness) and intervention (eg. counselling and social services). They are also at the forefront, as a registered shelter, in assisting victims of human trafficking. We assisted with a laptop and two sewing machines creating upskilling programs for residents at the shelter, as well as blinds for all the rooms of the shelter.

"From the cocoon of despair... Emerge as fragile as a butterfly, but free".

“Thank you most sincerely for the very generous donation… We really appreciate your amazing support”. – Thora Mansfield, Director – The Open Door.

BBBEE – 89.5% of Black Beneficiaries.

Jes Foord Foundation

Contributed R60 000

This Foundation was started by Jes Foord after she was brutally gang-raped in 2008.  The experience was incredibly traumatic and like all other rape victims, she had to do her statement, attend a doctor for physical examination and evidence collection. After those grueling hours of having to remain in soiled clothes without a shower, she was gifted a similar pack of items from a local pharmacy and Jess was extremely grateful. The Foundation works to empower rape victims through awareness, support and education programs, which is done via three projects – Comfort Bags; Trauma Counselling and Learner Awareness Programmes. We assisted by sponsoring and packing 100 Children’s Comfort bags, as well as sponsored 100 Learners to attend Awareness Programmes.

“A special thank you to KZN Slots for the amazing donation… You have no idea how much this helps the Foundation with ensuring that we can continue to deliver rape comfort bags and create awareness on the message of no means no and what support is available for anyone that is sexually assaulted. It’s people like you who make our job of turning “Rape Victims” into “Rape Survivors” that much easier to do”. - Jes Foord, Director – Jes Foord Foundation.

BBBEE – 91% of Black Beneficiaries.

Reach for Recovery

Contributed R87 250

Reach for Recovery is a breast cancer support Organisation which focuses on breast cancer support and awareness. This Organisation is unique as all Volunteers are Breast Cancer Survivors. it is one of the only organizations’ that provides a patient support service on a national basis. This service is done at no charge to the patient. We maintained our sponsorship of 50 mammograms in 2019.

“We thank KZN Slots for your awesome and generous support of our charity, once again this year. We are so excited that we have the funds to pay for 50 mammograms and the opportunity to save lives. This donation is huge for Reach for Recovery and makes such a difference, not only to the 50 high-risk women but it also helps us create awareness, as word spreads into the communities, that help is available”. – Jenny Caldwell, Regional Chairperson – Reach for Recovery.

BBBEE - 75.5% of Black Beneficiaries.

Phathakahle High School

Contributed R150 000

This 43 year old School is situated at Verdriet Farm in Danhauser.  It is the only high school in the area and houses 680 learners from four feeder schools. Phathakahle High School provides for the basic educational needs for the Senior Phase (Grade 8 and 9) and Further Education and Training (FET) Phase (Grade 10; 11 and 12). Due to financial constraints and lack of regular maintenance and repair, this School is sadly in a poor state of disrepair. This School has requested the assistance of KZN Slots to help with repairs to the classrooms and refurbishment to the Science Laboratory, as well as for two computers for the Principal’s office and the School Office.

Renovations and refurbishment currently underway.

BBBEE – 100% of Black Beneficiaries

2019 Reserved Funds

Clare Estate Seniors Association Home

Approached KZN Slots for assistance purchasing grocery items (as per their needs) and invited us to join the residents for tea. Home for the aged.

Inqolobane Children’s Home

Approached KZN Slots to assist with purchasing a month’s supply of nappies. The home cares for children with cerebral palsy, as well as children that are physically and mentally challenged.

Tekkie Tax

As a Corporate, it is imperative that we create a culture encouraging the ethos of charity. Tekkie Tax is a dynamic project owned; managed and benefitted by Welfare Organisations. It is a singularly focused national Fundraising Campaign that represents more than 1000 NPOs.

We chose to support Education Charities.

William Clark Garden Home

Renovation and refurbishment of a room creating a library for the children resident at the Home.

All work completed by members of Staff.

KZNGBB Official Charity Golf Day

Renovation and refurbishment of a room creating a library for the children resident at the Home.

All work completed by members of Staff.

Sunflower Day

Robin Hood Annual Charity Evening

St Martin’s Childrens Home

Disclaimer – Cannot post photos of the children as they are placed under Court Order.

2019 Mandela Day

Generosity Water

Quadpara Association of South Africa

Sponsorship of 2 wheelchairs to the Association.

Built by our staff as a Teambuild activity on Mandela Day.



Tongaat Anti-Drug Forum

Contributed R35 000

The Tongaat Anti-Drug Forum (TADF) is a community-based organization formed in 2000, to address the spiralling drug problem in Tongaat. The Organisation’s strategy in addressing this burgeoning drug problem is a multi-disciplinary approach, which includes education around the drugs, rehabilitation program and preventative measures.  These three strategies are the pillars of the Organisation’s campaign to address the drug problem in the Tongaat area.  Further, TADF’s clarion call is “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”. In light of this motto, TADF has held marches to the homes of drug dealers and had coverage of same on national television. Awareness is key to fighting this epidemic and TADF focus on the youth of the community. KZN Slots has funded the prize money for the annual Tongaat Schools Anti-Drug Awareness Competition. Competition awards evening to be held on October.

Beneficiary Analysis – 75% Black; 20% Indian and 5% other

Robin Hood Foundation - Lalelani Primary

Contributed R100 000

The Robin Hood Foundation is an organisation that advocates its existence to solely both rescue and uphold the rights of women, children and the elderly through a passion for connecting those that have with those that need whilst bearing compassion that ceases to fade. Buy-a-Build is one of the projects that serves communities very well. They focus heavily on Early Childhood Development, as it is vital to get the foundations right for small children to be able to learn and grow to their full potential with the belief that education is the main key to eradicating poverty.

While statistics have proven that the first five years of a child’s life are fundamentally important as the foundation that shapes children’s future health, happiness, growth, development and learning achievement at school, in the family and community, and in life in general, a growing body of research has found that school facilities can have a profound impact on both teacher and student outcomes. With respect to teachers, school facilities affect teacher recruitment, retention, commitment, and effort. With respect to students, school facilities affect health, behaviour, engagement, learning, and growth in achievement. Thus, researchers generally conclude that without adequate facilities and resources, it is extremely difficult to serve large numbers of children with complex needs.

Whilst building Siyanda Crèche in Ntshongweni last year, the Organisation spent a substantial amount of time in this community and it became abundantly apparent the need to focus the ‘Buy-a-Brick’ campaign at Lalelani Primary which is situated just in front of the crèche, to make a positive impact in this community.

Whilst there is so much that needs repair, as the structure was built in 1977 an had little to no attention since then apart from Principal Mathe painting the roof – from his own pocket – and the parents trying their best to ‘build on’. The school structure needs work on its poor ablution facilities; broken windows; water damaged classrooms; a dire need to paint the entire school; a safe and new kitchen container, where they cook for the 677 children one meal daily; Jo-Jo tanks and work on the water drainage system; an outdoor play area and school supplies.

 “A big thank you for generous support of our Buy-a-Brick 2018 campaign with this INCREDIBLE and unexpected donation of an amazing R100 000 towards the project!! As well as support what we can only call an ‘Epic’ Mandela Day for the 700 children at Lalelani Primary! What an exciting and special day for these 700 children! So many of them are orphaned and vulnerable cases and being so rural, they’ve never had the opportunity to share in the love, joy, excitement and whole experience of what we shared with them yesterday! To top it off, each and every child went home with a brand new pair of school shoes, toys, toiletries, food, treats, stationery and big smiles with hearts filled-up with love. Our Buy-a-Brick 2017/8 campaign has had us working in this community for the past year and a half, last year building Siyanda Creche – above the Primary school, who also joined us yesterday - and this year uplifting Lalelani Primary; building their new ablutions, multipurpose sports field, playground, renovating classrooms and uplifting the exterior of the school too.

The words of a 12 year old Grade 7 scholar who gave a brief speech as the event started yesterday, We will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for us and our school, the last months having you at our school has been the best months of our lives, for the first time, we have had something to look forward to” – completely touching and a beautiful reminder of how when we stand together as a community we can make such a difference in the lives of others! Thank you for your generous support always and helping us to make a difference to these children!” – Kim Griffith Jones, Co-ordinator Robin Hood Foundation.

Beneficiary Analysis – Lalelani Primary 100% Black Learners

Robin Hood Foundation - Hope Project

Contributed R85 000

The Hope Breakfast project is housed under the Child Headed Household banner and is specifically aimed at orphaned and vulnerable children. This project tries to inspire HOPE, after the devastation they have suffered, through volunteer interaction and support with necessities. The Robin Hood Foundation, with the assistance of Community Liaisons, take orphaned children on a day of shopping to purchase school uniforms, toiletries and stationary.  The children are then treated to a meal and spend time with our Team Members, and are then sent home with their school goodies, a hamper full of food, towels, blankets and a toy.  KZN Slots took this a step further and began funding ten Grade 1 scholars in 2017, ensuring that not only do they have their school uniform and stationary, but that their home has the basic food needs met. We meet with our kids, who are currently in Grade 2, twice a year and the positive impact this interaction and funding has had is evident in their academic results.

“Just received progress reports on our kiddies! Look how FANTASTIC they are doing and have improved their marks, particularly, Samekelo and Amahle, both of whom we have formed a bond with.  THANK YOU to KZN Slots for investing in them! It is true, hope and love do go along way!  Have a beautiful day and thank you again for all your hard work in arranging yesterday – it was such fun for the children – their smiles were just priceless!”  -  Kim Griffith Jones, Project Manager of the Robin Hood Foundation.

Beneficiary Analysis – 99% Black Beneficiary

Reach for Recovery

Contributed R70 000

Reach to Recovery is an international breast cancer support group. It is affiliated to International Union Against Cancer (UICC). It is a non-medical programme designed to help women with breast cancer in their return to daily life. In South Africa, Reach for Recovery is an autonomous non-profit Organisation run by volunteers since late 1960’s.

Reach for Recovery is a breast cancer support Organisation with a unique focus on breast cancer support and awareness, hence the request for funding to cover the costs of mammograms. Further, it is one of the only organizations’ that provides a patient support service on a national basis. This service is done at no charge to the patient and is available to any woman who requests it.

“We are so humbled and thankful to KZN Slots, for choosing Reach for Recovery to be a recipient for your generous donation of R70 000 to provide 50 Mammograms to women who do not have medical aid, or access to this life preserving screening.  This is truly a life-saving gift.  As breast cancer survivors ourselves, we are passionate in spreading awareness, and the vital importance of early detection.  Mammography screening is not readily accessible to a very large section of our population, and the waiting lists at Government Hospitals are very long, due to vast numbers, also the equipment is often not working.  As a registered non-profit Organisation, we rely solely on fundraising and sponsorship.  So, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for your kindness and generosity, and helping us to continue to make a real difference.”  - Jenny Caldwell, Regional Chairperson, KZN – Reach for Recovery.

Beneficiary Analysis – 75.5% Black Recipients.

KZN Blind & Deaf Society

Contributed R50 000

The mission of the Talk Sign Campaign is to create awareness among the South African hearing community, which will make them sensitive to the needs of the Deaf and hearing impaired. It is our human instinct to want to communicate with one another. Imagine how lonely it must be when you don’t understand what the people around you are saying, and nobody understands what you are trying to say.  This is how people who are Deaf feel around those who do not understand South African Sign Language (SASL). Talk Sign promotes sign language, and in turn, enables two-way communication. The long-term plan is to fully integrate our Deaf community into schools, social and competitive sports, the workplace and all aspects of life. In a nutshell, the Talk Sign campaign aims to have South African Sign Language (SASL) approved as South Africa’s 12th official language.

“The Kwa-Zulu Natal Blind and Deaf Society express their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to KZN Slots for the magnanimous donation of R50 000… (your financial assistance) provides support to the Blind, Deaf, DeafBlind and Multi-Disabled persons over the past 81 years… your contribution has helped us in a meaningful way.” – Sharmila Surjoo, Director KZNBDS (Durban).

Beneficiary Analysis – 98% Black Beneficiaries.

Sheperds Keep

Contributed R15 000

Shepherd’s keep was founded by Colin and Cheryl Pratley in 1998 through their vision to create a haven of love for tiny babies, discarded firstly by their mothers and then by society. Shepherds keep has become synonymous with excellence, high-standards and uncompromising integrity. A transitional home for abandoned/orphaned babies whether HIV positive or not, the immediately apparent difference is that this is not merely a storage facility for cast-off babies, but a place of excellence where a baby’s first months of life are nurtured in the most loving and secure environment, restoring them to health, physically and emotionally. Instead of our babies being doomed to a life in institutions or foster care, they have new beginnings with loving families and they retain the privilege of keeping in touch with most of the babies, watching them flourish and grow with their forever families in Denmark, Canada, England, America, Italy and Holland, as well in South Africa.

“We are truly blessed to be able to help those in dire need… thank you for helping us.” – Michelle Potgieter, Sheperds Keep.

Beneficiary Analysis – 100% Black Beneficiary Base.


Phoenix Child & Family Welfare Society

Contributed R100 000

The Phoenix Child & Family Welfare Society render social work services to the communities of Phoenix, Mount Moriah and Mount Royal. Due to the extremely high caseloads at the Child Welfare Departments, Social Workers are unable to give children, adolescents and families long term, specialised therapy needed to work through traumatic experiences like sexual, emotional and physical abuse; neglect; exposure to violence; hijacking and robbery; death and loss; etc. Children are not supervised and adequately cared for; children in the community are sexualised due to exposure to inappropriate sexual behaviours. Consequently, there is an increase in children abusing children. Our children are emotionally deprived. They are vulnerable because of the high level of violence, addiction to drugs and alcohol in the community. Child suicide and family murders are a common occurrence in the community.

The play therapy centre at Phoenix Child Welfare creates a warm, caring child friendly environment that promotes healing and empowerment. Therapy is vital in ensuring an emotionally healthy child, and later, adult. The effects of abuse and trauma have huge negative impact and a lack of therapy will allow that childhood dysfunction will creep into future generations and cycles of abuse and violence will continue in our community. We assisted by funding the Play Therapy Centre a psychologist.  “It is easier to build a strong child than to repair a broken adult.” – Fredrick Douglass

“Your contribution will indeed assist us in the operation of the Society, as we are helping the many underprivileged families and individuals in our community, who have been severely abused and traumatised, and are in desperate need of counselling and therapy. Your noble act towards helping uplift our community is laudable… there exists no greater service than the service rendered to mankind” – Aroona Chetty, Director Phoenix Child Welfare.

Beneficiary Analysis – 100% Black Designated Beneficiaries.

Jes Foord Foundation

Contributed R40 000

This Foundation was started by Jes Foord after she was raped in 2008.  The experience was incredibly traumatic and like all other rape victims, she had to do her statement, visit a doctor for physical examination and evidence collection. After those gruelling hours of having to remain in soiled clothes without a shower, she was gifted a similar pack of items from a local pharmacy and Jes was extremely grateful. The Foundation works to empower rape victims through awareness, support and education programs, which is done via three projects.

  • JFF Comfort Bag – is a handbag that is delivered to Thuthuzela Centers and Police Stations for rape victims.
  • Trauma Counselling – trauma counselling is free to sexually assaulted victims and their families with the Foundation bearing the cost thereof.
  • Awareness Program – this program targets learners in the Marianhill, Chatsworth, Embo, Hammersdale, Durban Point, Cleremont, Scottburgh and Valley of 1000 Hills areas and teaches of what to do if raped, the importance of speaking out, no means no and self-esteem to empower them to make changes going forward which is critical.

“A special thank you to Grand Gaming KZN Slots (RF) (PTY) LTD for the donation of R40 000 towards our handbag project and our 2018 Awareness Intervention. You have no idea how much this helps the Foundation with ensuring that we can continue to deliver rape comfort bags and create awareness on the message of NO MEANS NO. It’s people like you who make our job of turning “Rape Victims” into “Rape Survivors” that much easier”.  – Jes Foord.

Beneficiary Analysis – 92% Black Designated Beneficiaries.

Issy Geshen Lamont Home for the Aged

Contributed R50 000

The Durban Bantu Refuge Home (located in Lamontville, Durban) was established in 1960, against the will of the Native Administrative Board, who proposed converting the home into a hostel for black women. Mr Geshen fought this proposal and won, resulting in the home providing vital shelter and holistic care for the elderly. Following the death of Mr Geshen in 1979, the committee of the home resolved to rename the home in honour of the man who inspired its creation. The home was registered as an old age facility in 1980, to qualify for a government subsidy and acquire the services of a state doctor.   

Since its inception, the home has provided and continues to provide comprehensive and holistic services and care to frail and indigent black African elderly people - who for varying reasons cannot live with family or alone - and, as their only source of income is their government pension, cannot afford the more well-resourced/financed old aged homes. Ageing is an important biological phase in an individual's lifetime and impacts the entire family and community. The plight of elderly persons, in the absence of family support systems and social protection measures makes their vulnerability to abuse and neglect inevitable, especially in communities plagued by poverty, crime and unemployment.

Residential care is a solution in ensuring that vulnerable elderly people live out the remainder of their lives free from any form of abuse and enjoy the quality of life enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Issy Geshen Lamont Home’s primary objective is to provide comprehensive and holistic care and services that promote the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of our residents. “A society that does not value its older people denies its roots and endangers its future. Let us strive to enhance their capacity to support themselves for as long as possible and when they cannot do so anymore, to care for them.” - (Nelson Mandela, 17th December 1988)

“On behalf of the residents, volunteers and staff of the Home, I convey our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to KZN Slots for the generous donation of R50 000 for the purchase of medical equipment and supplies.  KZN Slot’s donation is an investment in safeguarding and promoting the dignity and well-being of our elderly residents.” – Derick Houston, Issy Geshen Lamont Home for the Aged.

Beneficiary Analysis – 100% Black Recipient Profile.

UKZN / InfoAfrica

Contributed R40 000

info4africa is responsible for the conceptualization and ongoing development of the South African Voices HIV Museum. This is the first museum of HIV in South Africa. Established by info4africa in July 2016 as a legacy project of the International AIDS Conference, this museum is a safe and dynamic space for all people to learn and engage on the topic of HIV in South Africa. The museum has been very well received by the HIV service community and enjoys an excellent working relationship with local and provincial government. With its fresh approach to conveying HIV-related materials, these SAVY youth peer educators are taught and equipped to facilitate educational tours for schools, local and international visitors.

The value of experiencing SA Voices is clear in this comment from our SAVY youth, “Learners arriving at SA Voices seldom have HIV at the top of their learning agenda. They quickly find that they are interested, excited, asking questions that society does not allow them to ask, and getting the right answers. They leave inspired. Youth tell us they want us to bring SA Voices to their communities.” Recognising the value of SA Voices, many of our youth and other visitors have appealed to us to think about mechanisms to expand the reach of SA Voices to marginalized and underprivileged youth who are not able to visit the flagship SA Voices Museum in central Durban. Hence, the SA Voices SAVY Backpacks as a direct, innovative solution to reaching out to underprivileged and marginalized youth in hard to reach communities in KwaZulu-Natal. The SAVY backpacks offer unlimited opportunities for taking the SA Voices materials and knowledge out of the Museum and into community spaces such as taxi ranks, train stations, clinics, community halls and ad hoc community workshop spaces.

The current backpack contains two large, durable banners suitable for use in community workshops. Banner 1 unpacks the mystery of HIV by focusing on HIV basics and encourages youth to test for HIV. Easy to use peer educator fact sheets complement this banner. Banner 2 focuses on the drivers of HIV in society. Designed as a game, the banner used together with quiz cards helps youth to have conversations about situations in their communities that may be more high risk in the context of HIV. Banner 3 deals with TB. The advantage of the backpacks is that they are light, portable and we can add contents to them as funds permit. The SAVY backpacks are a true credit to the SA Voices concept of providing platforms for South African voices to be heard on the topic of HIV. Most notably, this project is an excellent example of a youth lead intervention that will continue to make a difference to the people of South Africa.

“The UKZN Foundation thanks you most sincerely for your generous contribution for the SAVY Backpack Project. Your donation helps us fund our vision to… improve teaching and learning, enhancing and expanding our research horizons, supporting students in need and improving our teaching and learning environment. Through your support, we are able to make a difference in the lives of our students and graduates which in turn makes a difference within the communities we serve”.  - Prof Anesh Maharaj Singh, on behalf on the UKZN Foundation.

Beneficiary Analysis – 100% Black Recipients (SAVY Backpack Project)


Contributed R15 000

Singakwenza, meaning “We can do it!” is a charity organisation which aims to build sustainable Early Childhood Education programmes in economically disadvantaged areas, using resources made from recycling. Focus is on the critical development years in a child’s life (between 1 and 5 years). Research around the world has shown that the best way to break the poverty cycle is through education, but our South African education system is in a crisis.

The need is in helping children to build their educational foundations and, as almost 80% of a child’s brain potential is established by the age of 4, there is a need to provide children under 5 with as many opportunities to learn through play as possible. The team at Singakwenza has therefore, developed a variety of toys and teaching materials made purely from recycling. The parent or educator only needs a pair of sharp scissors and a marker pen and she will be able to get all the rest of the materials needed to provide an educational, fun-filled environment for the children in her care - from the bin! Bread bags become skipping ropes, polystyrene vegetable trays become puzzles, yoghurt containers become shape sorters and margarine containers become cars. And if the toy breaks, it is easy (and free!) to make another one. The organisation offers a mentorship programme to crèche teachers and primary caregivers, helping them to understand how to use the toys to provide a stimulating, educational environment for their children, so that these children enter school intellectually, physically and developmentally prepared.

“On behalf of the beneficiaries of the Singakwenza programmes, we would like to thank you most sincerely for your wonderful donation.” Giselle van Wyk, Singakwenza.

Beneficiary Analysis – 98% Black; 0.9% Coloured and 0.4% Indian.

Mandela Day 2018 Projects

Lalelani Primary – Robin Hood Foundation


Morrestor Children’s Home, Newcastle

"Thank you KZN Slots for the lovely warm blankets the children are so happy. You guys rock." - Morrestor Children's Homes.


Reach for Recovery – Opening of Clinic at Kwandengezi 

"Breast cancer awareness in our rural communities is so desperately needed. Due to the lack of information, patients are often diagnosed when it is too late. Reach for Recorvery Durban recently trained local vounteers, and launched a support group in Kwandengezi. The people streamed in... and the queue kept growing until the hall was filled to capacity. We received a wonderful life-saving donation from a local company, KZN Slots, who donated R70 000 to provide 50 mammograms, to women at high risk, and met the criteria. What a privilege it was to take our message of hope and breasr cancer awareness to the community, who received us with such warmth and appreciation. This was a wonderful day of interesting talks, information, entertainment and sharing. All guests treated to a wonderful lunch." - Reach for Recovery.


KZN Children’s Hospital

The KwaZulu-Natal Children’s Hospital (formerly known as the Addington Children's Hospital) was built in 1928 and was the first hospital for children on the African continent. In 1984, at the peak of the huge combined internal and international struggle against Apartheid, the wards of the Hospital were closed by the Apartheid government as the hospital treated children of all races. The hospital remained closed for an astounding, 28 years.

Since the end of 2009, members of the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Children’s Hospital Trust, together with the KZN Department of Health have been working together to plan the renovation, refurbishment and re-establishment of the old Children’s Hospital (now renamed the KZN Children’s Hospital). The KZN Children’s Hospital, once completely re-established, will be part of the creation of a provincial ‘first’ Health Precinct and proposed inner city regeneration project that will address adult and child health and welfare issues, poverty and urban renewal in Durban’s inner city.

The KwaZulu-Natal Children’s Hospital Trust and other relevant stakeholders are now working together to re-establish the KZN Children’s Hospital as a comprehensive paediatric and child health hub for treatment, prevention and care, including rehabilitation, psychological and social benefit support services, community outreach and training. The hospital will build local capacity of health workers and researchers, as well as support community mobilisation and development.

“On behalf of the KZN Children’s Hospital Trust, I would like to thank you all for coming down to the hospital on Mandela Day in support of our project to re-establish the KZN Children’s Hospital.  Thank you for your generous contribution of R35 000, representing 100 bricks for each of your 35 staff members, towards our Buy-a-Brick campaign – know that by buying bricks, you are helping build our 6-storey “Rainbow Tower”! Your contribution is significant as it ultimately contributes to the health of the children of Kwa-Zulu Natal.” – Taryn Miller, Finance Officer The KwaZulu-Natal Children’s Hospital Trust.

2018 Additional Projects

Sunflower Fund

Bandanas purchased for all members of staff

Sunflower Fund aims to educate and recruit a viable source of well informed, potential bone marrow stem cell donors who are ethnically diverse, in an effort to save the lives of those needing a transplant when suffering from leukaemia and other life-threatening blood disorders. It also strives to maintain the associated donor records of the South African Bone Marrow Registry to worldwide standards.


Bartle House

A non-profit organisation situated at 300 Bartle Road in Umbilo, Durban. The home was founded in the 1800's by Mrs Jonathon Peel under the name of "The Durban Homes for Men" and has been serving the community for over 100yrs and at present accommodating 90 social pensioners (men and women). Their main objective is to assist social grant pensioners by providing a safe, happy and well-maintained environment for them to live in. The home is run with integrity and is open to senior citizens of all races and denominations. We assisted the residents of the Home by adding to their Christmas Goodie bags… spreading a little Christmas cheer.


Fairhaven Primary

Primary school in the Bayview, Chatsworth community. School approached KZN Slots via our FaceBook page requesting assistance for their Christmas initiative.  The school has a Christmas dinner for their learners and their immediate families, which included dinner and a small gift for each learner handed to them by Santa. For some learners it is the only gift that they will receive.


Wyebank Primary

Primary school situated in the poorer community of Motalabad, Wyebank.  Assisted this school with the purchase of sporting equipment for their eager young learners.


Casual Day

Stickers purchased for all members of staff

For Casual Day 2018 this year, we call on YOU to be a protagonist for change! To be a hero for yourself, for others and for our country.

Now, more than ever, South Africa needs people to dig deep inside themselves, find the hero within and BE AN EVERYDAY HERO with persons with disabilities.

This is our 2018 theme that will take us a giant step closer to our ultimate goal:

  • a nation that excludes no one
  • a nation that upholds everyone’s human rights and works for full inclusion
  • We want a South Africa in which all people have equitable opportunity and equal access to education, jobs, justice and more

Help us raise this banner in 2018. You are called upon to BE AN EVERYDAY HERO with persons with disabilities on Casual Day Friday 7 September!

Every one of our successes starts with raised awareness and community spirit in action. Every assistive device bought and handed over to someone who needs it; every training and job creation project; every building or educational institution that is designed with all users in mind…Being a Casual Day Hero is easy! All it takes is getting your Casual Day sticker and encouraging as many people as you can to get theirs for a donation of only R10! Be part of the team by telling everybody you know about Casual Day, by encouraging them to support Casual Day and by helping them understand why persons with disabilities deserve equity alongside all other South Africans, Because Casual Day is as much about raising awareness as it is about raising money.


Gambling only for persons 18 years and older. Winners know when to stop. National Responsible Gambling Programme Toll-Free Counselling Line: 0800 006 008. KZN Slots is licensed by the KwaZulu-Natal Gaming and Betting Board.


Gambling only for persons 18 years and older. Winners know when to stop. National Responsible Gambling Programme Toll-Free Counselling Line: 0800 006 008. Sun Slots is licensed by the National Gambling Board.